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An anti-murder community.
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Date:2005-08-11 11:00

Snape kills Dumbledore.

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Date:2005-07-31 14:39

Name: Megan
Age: 19
Approximate Location: Pennsylvania...sometimes in a little Hicktown called Elizabethtown...other times in Pittsburgh.
Reason for disliking murder: It makes me cry.
Anything to declare: John Waters is a genius.
Suggestions for preventing murder: uhh medication? That seems to be the cure for everything now.

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Date:2005-07-30 20:12

Name: Noel
Age: 18
Approximate Location: six-feet-under, texas
Reason for disliking murder: it's too early to have any valid emotions, so i'm skipping this one
Anything to declare: i am a murder survivor, and i'm here to support all of the other survivors out there!
Suggestions for preventing murder: a little more sex, and a little less detroit

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Date:2005-07-30 16:26

Name: Jannet
Age: 16
Approximate Location: Chatsworth, California
Reason for disliking murder: Well duh, it's death and it's done intentionally. You do the math.
Anything to declare: The best thing for America's future is George Bush going back to Connecticut and Bill Clinton's return in the presidency.
Suggestions for preventing murder: Clone Stalin because Hitler was way too ugly. Have him kill all the murderers and then have him commit suicide. That way we're still good people. We didn't kill anyone.

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Date:2005-07-30 15:01

Name: Amit
Age: 17
Approximate Location: Voorhees, New Jersey
Reason for disliking murder: It hurts like a bitch.
Anything to declare: Johns Hopkins University still doesn't believe I do not have measles even though my student health form clearly states otherwise.
Suggestions for preventing murder: Baskets of fruit and flowery invitations for tea and scrumpets.

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Date:2005-07-30 11:55
Mood: apathetic

Name: Danielle
Age: 17
Approximate Location: Arizona
Reason for disliking murder: cuZ iTz lYk so0o0o0o SAD... ::cryz STARZ::
Anything to declare: My furby doesn't like you.
Suggestions for preventing murder: KILL THEM ALL! Oh...wait...hmm...

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Date:2005-07-30 11:13

Name: Kacey
Age: 19
Approximate Location: Colorado
Reason for disliking murder: I feel that the taking of a human being's life against their will is a true injustice and everything should be done to prevent this injustice. Except for in the case of fetuses. Abort all babies!
Anything to declare: There is nothing in my apartment for wasps, yet they seem to love coming in here and banging against the screen shortly afterwards anyways.
Suggestions for preventing murder: Murder Victim Outreach programs will help to alert the community and help those who have been injusticized.

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Date:2005-07-30 17:26
Subject:Yes! Bandwagon!
Mood: alive

Name: Aishy.
Age: 18.
Approximate Location: Scotland...on the left.
Reason for disliking murder: It leaves stains on the carpet that even Vanish has a problem dealing with.
Anything to declare: I like shrubbery. No, not like that. You people are sick!
Suggestions for preventing murder: Petitions usually work...

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